Twiddle is now FREE! There is also a new update waiting for approval!

After a respectable v1.0 launch of Twiddle, we’re happy to announce the v1.1 release. After some careful consideration of feedback we’ve made a lot of updates. A couple of updates include the addition of ┬áthe “slow block,” and new in-game sound effects. For a detailed list of all changes, please read below. Thanks everyone for your downloads, reviews, and feedback.

Changes in v1.1:

- Slow Block: The slow block slows the game speed down. Pretty much the inverse of the Velocity block.
- New sounds for hitting sequence and boss blocks.
- Slowed the starting game speed down. Many users commented that the game was too difficult in the beginning.
- Increased the amount of time given to defeat boss blocks from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
- Moved level 3 boss and other blocks down slightly.
- All types of blocks will now begin coming out at level 1.
- Game should run a little more smoothly due to some optimization.
- Updated gameplay instructions.
- Bug fixes.

Twiddle Lite was just submitted for approval. Twiddle lite is a free version of Twiddle, that lets people play up to level 3 to try the game out. It should take about a week to get approved. Stay Tuned!

I don’t think there are many TWIDDLE fans out there just yet, but if there are, and you’re frantically refreshing for some news concerning the game, let me say there is no news.

About a week ago we got word that they were back to reviewing our app, after we corrected an error in the description. Since then we have received no news, and we can only assume that the sheer awesomeradness of TWIDDLE has captivated the reviewers. So, Apple, please stop playing our game and finish your review process.

Stay tuned…

Twiddle has officially been submitted to the App Store for approval. We should know in a few days if it gets approved. Stay Tuned!


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