Twiddle version 1.0 has officially been approved. Please be sure to leave feedback and bug reports in the comments for this post. Also, if you have any suggestions for new types of blocks, let us know in the comments as well! We will try to add the suggested blocks that get the most votes in the comments to future releases of Twiddle.

Twiddle Description:

Twiddle your thumbs and score more points than your friends as you volley a ball, hit power-ups, and avoid losing lives.

Score points when the ball hits the paddles and blocks. Keep the ball from hitting side walls or you lose lives. Sound easy? Hardly! The challenge is reaching new levels while the ball speeds up, blocks become more menacing, and Boss Challenges appear. If you’re up for the challenge and ready to start twiddling, download Twiddle from the App Store today!

- Fast Paced & Easy to Play
- Original Graphics & Sound
- Global, Country, & Local High Scores
- 2 Game modes, ‘Free Play’ & ‘Level Up’
- Variable starting speeds
- 12 Block types for dynamic gameplay
- 10 Levels, with a variety of Boss Challenges
- Insanely Addictive ‘give me one more try’ gameplay


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